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Additional Information about Motorcycle Coasters®

The Motorcycle Coaster® motorcycle kickstand pad is sometimes referred to as a kickstand pad, kickstand plate, kickstand support, side stand pad, side stand support, or puck.  See a list below of other search terms used to find our product.

The Motorcycle Coaster® is a motorcycle kickstand support aide for soft surfaces and is specifically designed for imprinting your custom message.  In addition to their intended use as a kickstand support pad, Motorcycle Coasters® are often used as drink coasters on desks, work benches and bars.

The Motorcycle Coaster® is a 4" diameter, decagon ABS plastic kickstand support pad, one quarter inch thick with a ribbed back.  ABS plastic is non-conductive with limited abrasion and is durable as a standard motorcycle fairing.  The Motorcycle Coaster® easily stores in fairing and clothing.

Examples of custom imprinted, personalized Motorcycle Coasters® are seen at events all around the country, such as Bike Week in Daytona, Laconia, Sturgis and many more.

 Create a Collectible!

Our low minimum quantity economically allows for the creation of a unique keepsake for your memorial ride, charity ride, rally, wedding, anniversary, graduation or any special event. 

They are inexpensive enough to use as giveaways for a motorcycle/motorsports dealership, motorcycle club, insurance agency, accessory boutique, repair shop, community visitor's bureau, attorney's office, Rider Safety Program, etc.

Shouldn't your motorcycle friendly business or organization offer your own custom imprinted Motorcycle Coaster®?

Other Search Terms

Other search terms used to find our product include kickstand plates bulk, motorbike stand pad, kickstand foot, pds molding, hockey puck for kickstand, custom motorcycle kickstand coasters, motorcycle kickstand foot, motorcycle side stand plate, motorcycle puck stand.

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